• Shawna Mitchell

Solo in Lagos, Nigeria (Oct' 19)

Welcome to blog numberrrrr 8! In this blog I will be covering the details behind my solo trip to Lagos, Nigeria October' 19.

Get a notebook and a pen! You can look forward to the following information:

1) Airline and Flight price

2) Accomodation

3) Transportation

4) Activities

5) Restaurants

If you're looking for information regarding the visa process click here - you will be redirected to my blog "Tourist Visa for Nigeria".

I never start off my blogs without going into the WHY and HOW.

WHY Nigeria?

My initially plan was to travel to Egypt and stay in Giza (where the pyramids are located) BUT my friend Drew told me that Egypt wasn't that lit and I should consider traveling to either Ghana or Nigeria instead.

Long story short, I chose to travel to Nigeria.

HOW did I get the time off?

Last year, I knew I was going to travel in March, April, July and October (because I planned my trips in advance). Knowing this, my vacation requests were completed in advance (can't deny something you had advance notice of because either way my ticket is BOOKED!).

So, for my trip to Nigeria, the vacation request was put in during May 2019 and I purchased my ticket at the same time.

Airline: Air France

I chose to fly with Air France for the simple fact that I wanted to spend my layover exploring Paris. Which worked out perfectly but my layover experience will be discussed in another blog. Some other airlines that fly to Nigeria from Toronto are: British Airways, KLM, Emirates and etc..

The flight price for economy seats with Air France was 970.67 CAD at the time I purchased my ticket which was late May 2019.

The reason(s) why I decided to purchase my ticket so early:

1) I was thinking, "Okay, I'm traveling to Nigeria but if I don't get this ticket by next week mi nah guh nuhwhere". I didn't want to wait too long because if I did that I would end up changing my mind lol. Soo, yeah.. I just purchased the ticket and moved forward with the rest of my planning.

2) I had plans to travel to Florida in July and I knew by the time I got back, I would have to start putting things together for the trip to Lagos in October. So, I wanted to get as much done as possible so that I didn't have too many last minute purchases.


Like my trip to Bali, I decided not to stay in one hotel my whole trip because I wanted to experience as much as possible.

While in Lagos, I stayed at the Eko Hotel for 3 nights and then I moved to the Lagos Continental and stayed there for 5 nights. Both hotels are located in Victoria Island.

I will go more into detail about the pricing for these accommodations and what was included.

1) Eko Hotel

Views from my room at the Eko Hotel. Photo taken by Shawna Mitchell

The only thing included at the Eko Hotel was breakfast but their breakfast buffet was reallyyyy good and the overall vibe was amazing.

2) Lagos Continental

The view from my room at the Lagos Continental. Photo taken by Shawna Mitchell

At the Continental, I got the Club room which comes with the following:

- Breakfast / 24hr room service**

- Access to the Lagos Continental Club Lounge - Complimentary light snack, tea & coffee served daily at the Club Lounge from 3pm to 5pm. - Club Rooms are located on topmost floors (I was on the 21st floor)

- Also, 2 hours board room usage

- Late check out till 14:00 hours.

Price: for both hotels (8 nights, 9 days), I spent around 2100.00 CAD.

Both hotels are about 10 minutes away from each other


Getting around Lagos was pretty easy because I had a driver but I also used Uber as well. For the days, I just had to make quick stops (like to the store or to go out for lunch), I would just order myself an Uber.

And the Ubers were dead cheap, like 4.00 CAD rides and the drivers were super polite - I did not experience any issues.

Now, how much did I spend on transportation during this trip? Less than $300.00 CAD.

(Yes, this includes my little road trip to Ogun state)


(You may want to write these down)

1) Ogun State/Olumo Rock

2) Lekki Conservation Centre

3) Nike Art Gallery

4) ATV World Lagos

5) Night life: Sip Lounge

6) Night life: Quilox


1) Danfo Bistro

2) Shiro Lagos

3) R.S.V.P

4) NOK by Alara

5) Hans and Rene

Overall Experience

Personally, I'm glad that I chose to travel to Lagos, Nigeria and I had a great experience.

- Accomodation(s) were up to par and the security of each visitor was taken seriously.

- The food I ate was amazing and I didn't get sick lol (like when I was in Bali -_-)

- The people who I met were very pleasant and welcoming towards me, from the day I got onto my initial flight until the day I left Nigeria lol

The next time I travel to Nigeria, it will be for a longer stay and I definitely plan to explore other parts of the country maybe Abuja who knows :)

Until then, I will be here writing about my travel experiences and waiting for my next flight out of Toronto lol.

If you have any questions regarding any of my trips, please feel free to message me and ask as I am always here to help!

Safe travels and I hope to welcome you at my next blog!