• Shawna Mitchell


Welcome to my very first post! Here I will write about the things you should look forward to:

When planning a trip the first question I ask myself is, "What will be included in my itinerary?"


a travel document recording a route or journey.

If you know me, then you know that I am a perfectionist, this is especially true when it comes to my travel plans.

My need for perfection has helped me to create the best trips for myself; from the first day I land into a new country all the way until my departure date.

These are the steps I take when planning each of my trips:

1. DESTINATION - What can I learn from travelling to this country? Will I enjoy myself?

2. AIRLINE & FLIGHT DETAILS - Can I take a direct flight? Will it be a long haul flight?

3. VISA - Do I need a visa? No? Okay next.. (However, I did need a visa for Nigeria but we'll talk about that later)

4. ACCOMODATION - Do I want to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb? Note: Some Airbnbs look better than hotels*

5. TRANSPORTATION - Does this location have Uber? If not, do I want to hire a driver? Or, use public transportation.

6. ACTIVITIES - What do I want to experience? Are there any landmarks that I want to see?

7. FOOD & BEVERAGES - Will the food cooperate with my stomach? (I've packed noodles and juice boxes in my suitcase TWICE now - justttt in case!)

I just listed 7 important steps! With all of that being said, a person can only imagine what my itinerary may look like.

They turn out to be pretty detailed.

Explore each blog to get a better look at what my itineraries include and learn how you can create your own amazing trip!

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