About Shawna

Hey, I’m Shawna, a frequent traveler and the creator of this blog site! 


Growing up in Toronto, I was never a big traveler - I actually didn't travel at all because it just wasn’t something my friends or family did.  I actually didn't get my passport until I was 24 years of age.


After college, I got a nursing job with the standard Canadian two-weeks-a-year vacation. In 2019, I took four vacations and was able to experience six different countries and traveled through 5 different countries the first 3 months of 2020.

Now, I want to use my personal travel experience abroad to help my fellow travelers and also individuals who are new to travel planning! Whether you need help with itinerary building, visa applications or simply looking for motivation!

You've came to the right place, let me be your host.


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